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What great are vast amounts of choices on the off chance that you can’t make sense of how to pick between them? SEPHORA COLLECTION is about recipes that truly convey, combined with nibble measured bits of Sephora skill that make every one of those alternatives less overpowering.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for another shading, another recipe, or even an entirely different look, with SEPHORA COLLECTION it’s anything but painful to get precisely what you need. But Sephora Lipstick Set is the Ultimate Solution


Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora Collection Let Them Eat Popsicles Lip Set

What it’s! A set of four light-weight and vibrant stains with a subtle finish with no stickiness for a cozy feeling.

What it does:

Indulge in summer’s sweetest handle with a popsicle lip that is stained look. Designed with a sleek texture to slip onto lips for even application, these lips colors offer the ultimate look for any bright day with a formulation which combines luminous intensity with a subtle glow. Childhood memories of soft serve cones and icy treats with these youthful nuances.

This Collection Comprises:

Four popsicles inspired lips spots in Cherry on Top, Creamsicle, Purpleberry, Bubblegum Kween.

What else you have to know: Launched In 2016, Museum of Ice Cream creates one-of-a type experiences aimed to spark imaginations, build community, and foster human connections. Throughout the encounter, visitors are invited to embrace their inner kid as they socialize with installations and rooms which play on all five senses.

sephora lipstick set cream stain

With the same playful approach, Museum of Ice Cream and Sephora Collection have collaborated to bring you the sweetest limited edition collaboration and the best Sephora Lipstick Set This delightful collection captures the vibrant character and signature design aesthetics of Museum of ice cream many beloved spaces.

So dive right into the famed Sprinkle Poolunleash your internal unicorn, and join us on this sugar. This item is cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

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What it’s! A set that features six shades of best-selling Lip Cream Stain.

What it does:

This bestselling, high coverage lip colour glides on a smooth and transforms from a feel into a lightweight stain. Infused with avocado oil, the long lasting formula provides is never tacky, and will not dry out lips. 

The exact applicator hugs lips to get the greatest precision and the lightweight, long wearing a matte formula keeps shade in place. A must have for almost any vacation soiré, e.

This collection contains:

– 6 x 0.169 oz/ 5 mL Cream Lip Stain in Always Red, Pink Souffle, Copper Blush, Glowing Beige, Soft Coral, Purple Red.

sephora cream stainn lipstick set

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3. SEPHORA COLLECTIONRouge Shine Lipstick

What is it:

A saturating lipstick with rich, gleaming sparkle.

What it does:

Hotshot your dazzling grin with this simple to-wear recipe that offers elevated straightforwardness and sparkle. Lips will look splendid while splashed in this gathering of bright, shining, and metallic tones.

sephora matte lipstick stick

The Hydra-Comfort complex mix of saturating oils and antioxidant nutrient E guarantees ideal solace while sustaining and securing your lips.

The bright shades incorporate bright colors and carnauba wax for a fantastic, wet-lip look. The shining and metallic recipes contain 3D shimmering particles and shea margarine for extraordinary brilliance.

The exact item configuration empowers an immaculate lip definition, and the massive range of shades will compliment your whole closet.

What else you have to know:

This item isn’t tried on creatures.

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4. SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Cream Lipstick

What it is:

A hydrating lipstick that makes full lips with exceptional shading.

What it does:

A patch-up of the famous Sephora Lipstick set Attitude Chic, this new hydrating recipe furnishes enhanced inclusion and is overflowing with shade. The rich surface delicately coats your lips, bestowing only the perfect measure of shading and sheen.

sephora lipstick collection

What else you have to know:

This item isn’t tried on creatures.

Excellence Tip:

Make a molded lip by choosing your shade of Lip Liner To Go and Rouge Cream Lipstick dependent on skin tone and wanted look. Utilize the Pro Lip brush to mix the lipstick and liner to mollify any harsh lines.

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This can be lipstick for real life, not only ring lights, lipsticks for observing the crazy adventures, best moments, and creatures on your experience. So catch a shade or four and take your lipstick out. See you out there! What it’s! A top pigment lipstick that offers full coverage color in one swipe.

Offered in 40 shades and three finishes:

cream, matte, and alloy. Listed below are our stories.


By hometown hangs to winter getaways, these shades have been made for the coziest time of year.


These lipsticks that were daring made for gals going to big places, such as an interview for that promotion to Head Babe.


Purchase the ticket, hit the road, etc. These nuances were made for travel selfies that will give your buddies FOMO.


Dive into that atmosphere with shades that will inspire your future.TBT pics.


These wedding party approved shades are about L-O-V-E and you + Sephora Collection.

Spring break condition:

when you are ready to Get. Out. Of. Here. These shades will transfer you back to being poolside in Puerto Vallarta.


These lipsticks made for brunch days. The best days. The days that begin with S.

sephora collection


Music is on the top down, these shades have been made for road tripping with your ride-or expire chicks.


Whether you are with the ring or waiting in the GA line, these nuances scream FESTIVAL READY.


By poolside hangs to brunch, these bright shades will see you through each summertime situation.

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