MAC Foundation Next to Nothing Pressed Powder Review

MAC Foundation Next to Nothing Pressed Powder Review

The lightweight and creamy formula that increases the longevity of a comfortable makeup application. MAC Next to Nothing Powder gives a soft-focused glowing skin that adds up your beauty. I tried this product by MAC and have simply love it! Continue to read my Mac Next to Nothing Pressed Powder Review.

MAC Next to Nothing Powder

I became super oily and used this pressed powder directly beneath the eyes. It leaves the place so soft and blocks the oil from going on for hours. It’s white, however I don’t detect flashback with flash photography. I really like this powder.

Why Choose Next to Nothing Pressed Powder

It does a good job at maintaining the make-up on with matte finish. This is the second time I purchased this Next to Nothing MAC pressed powder, so I’d recommend it.

Adding More To MAC Next To Nothing Foundation

There are plenty of shades to select from so that is a plus. I love the packaging. This may not irritate the skin and is great if you suffer rosacea. I know somebody that has it and she has not had a flare up since using it. It has to function as silica, since that absorbs excess oil which are bothersome for all those skin types. This goes really well under many Moisturizing creams and lotions. Just apply 3 minutes after so the powder can stick to the cream. If you prefer a super mattifying effect, place Aveeno Lotion below it.

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Mac Next to Nothing for a Dewy Look

If you desire a dewy look, use dewy Cream/Lotion. You are able to make this powder matt or dewy and that is why it is the best. I love to use it with a fluffy brush and I tap it on my head softly because I don’t require much coverage. Should you want more coverage, ask the MAC individuals because they’ll assist you by choosing the brush that suits you best. They’re really valuable. In addition to this powder I also like cover girl mat because that also make you appear greasy and will not versatile and up to you and can also be amazing for Skin.

Dewy OR Mattte

Today if you’re versatile and up to you and old, the cover girl matte will not be great and I’d advise to avoid it. However, this powder is really great for dry skins because it is not drying. Just use a primer or moisturizer and produce your very own impact, dewy or matte. It is quite versatile and up to you and that is why it’s fantastic.

Once I use this, I look natural. It is not a mask! I do not use make-up everyday however I do that, it is my first option. It is also a win-win for those who despise removing makeup.

Concluding Statement

It is easy to carry around and easy to use. Its great for first time makeup customers. Additionally, it place with a dense brush. It is also especially great for those. This may prevent that. Now you know the beneficiaries of the MAC Next to Nothing Powder, so place your order to have that stunning oil free or dewy look. 😉