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Lasting Drama by Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner

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Lasting Drama Review

The big deal with this particular gel eyeliner is Maybelline’s promise of 24 hour wear. Let us sidestep the fact that wearing an eyeliner for twenty four hours isn’t the best thought and concentrate on that the promise was designed to make this gel eyeliner seem a cut above the rest, most of which cost over this option.

Like all gel eyeliners based on silicone, this goes the distance and certainly carries longer than many eye pens or liquid eyeliners. But whether if Maybelline’s contribution lasts twenty four hours, you’ll see issues inside the first 24 seconds. This has a tendency to apply unevenly, requiring that you simply go over the lash line to accomplish a uniform line.

Since it sets rapidly, building for strength and even colour deposit may cause the formula to clump, necessitating further afield. An application is amazingly utter, which contradicts the lasting drama Review, ads with this eyeliner. Maybelline comprised a complete size eyeliner brush, and it works. If only the formulation itself were improved, this could be an all around winner.

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