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NARS- Liquid Blush

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This is such nice Liquid blush. Yes, it is quite pigmented, however you may easily control the pump and then take the smallest amount. I enjoy the packaging a lot. NARS liquid Blush, though might be a bit less bulky, but it’s good for me, I enjoy that the pump is controllable.

I’ve the shade orgasm that I find to be quite wearable for my skin that is nc10 when implemented cautiously, it is easy to use with fingers and mix with BB. I think it’s decent longevity even when I don’t place it overall I find it to be a simple long time since you need such casual product for me. A bit pricey, but it is gonna last quite a very long time since you need such little amount so I think it is well worth it.

My Heart’s Words

Really happy I purchased it. I always didn’t use a cream blushes because of how quickly they get dry and leaves irregular tint on my lips. It really is good. It’s quite light and watery, and quite easy to apply. It never sets on lips till I finish blend them.

End It’s exactly the same as powdered orgasm, maybe little more pink toned, which I love it more. It can make me seem fairy and innocent. Makes me seem more young and fresh. Though you could have powder orgasm, I’d advise getting one. NARS, you nailed it!.

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