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Smashbox’s new metallic liquid lipsticks

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Smash box has a few of the best liquid lipsticks in my opinion! Super pigmented and super long lasting I accordingly recommend. I like this new liquids metallic lipsticks, they’re so shiny and Metallic. They move on smooth and are very pigmented. In addition to the new wand that they place on made it so simple to use and exact I really like it.

I wish all of my liquid lipstick had this wand. Frankly this is one of my preferred liquid lips ever. It’s so moisturizing and stays on all day.


What is Smashbox’s Metallic Liquid Lipstick?

Smashbox Be Careful Liquid Lip Possess a vinyl finish. They are incredibly opaque, like the metallics and possess a super glossy glow. Similar to the metallics, these stay glossy and do not dry down matte or satin. The formulas offer the glow of a lip gloss with the opacity of a complete coverage lipstick.

I can worn every one of those nuances to work with no problem and that is among the first time all shades in a collection that I could pull off every shade.


I totally suggest this 100%. It’s small enough to fit anyplace and is ideal for travel. The colour pops and looks amazing throughout the day. I’ve just used one of the colours, but I really like it.

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