Too Faced Natural Love |Oct 2019

Too Faced Natural Love |Oct 2019

Right in time for weather and your spring blossoms there is a stunning eye shadow collection called the Too Faced Natural Love that is Natural Ultimate Neutral Eye Palette. The palette is a complete dream for any make-up lover with 17 and 13 shades never seen neutrals. The palette contains the lid and a mirror includes some fuzzy flocking details which add the packaging and a little cuteness. The most of the mattes is creamy and soft whilst the shimmers are smooth and pigmented. A few colors and the sparkles are prone or somewhat chalky.

Too Faced Natural Love

The Natural Love Palette is most probably not a requirement if you have a lot of Too Faced palette or neutral palettes from other brands. A few the shades, are insistent, making me wish that Too Faced was a little more creative with the colours. Nevertheless, such as I do, if you like the color selection this palette is a worthy investment! –

Too Faced Natural Love Shades

Prepare to grasp your provocative and sultry side with this accumulation of 30 at no other time seen desire commendable regular shades. Too faced makeup has always kept the pride and this time also this palette incorporates delicate neutrals, enticing smoky shades, and coy flies of shading in different completions to take your nonpartisan game to a completely new level. Few of these shades include:


Heaven: From the 2009 Natural Eye Palette that is original and also published as part of the 2015 Natural Matte Eye Palette and the 2013 Eyes Palette, the pigmentation is semi sheer, but this texture is creamy and silky.

Lace Teddy: Originally published as part of the Organic Matte Eye Palette, Lace Teddy is a fairly cream peach nude. The formula is well pigmented and silky smooth.

Pink Cheeks: That is a soft satin ivory pink. The formulation is semi sheer, but creamy.

Poodle: A sparkling bright white with a hint of pink, Poodle is very pigmented along with buttery.

Spotlight: From the 2011 Organic at Night Eye Palette, Spotlight is a tender banana yellow lotion with a matte finish. The pigmentation is okay, but the colour works great as a blending shade.

Fairy Tale: A tender pale gold champagne sparkle, Fairy Tale is rather large and fallout prone.

Satin Sheets: A classic from this Chocolate Bon Palette along with the Holiday 2015 Le Grand Palais Palette, Satin Sheets is a tender pink shimmer with a pale gold sheen. The formula is very buttery and pigmented.

Kittens: That is a soft lavender pink shimmer. The formula is pigmented and creamy.

Cutie Patootie: That is a warm rose peach shimmer. The formulation is pigmented and buttery, but there’s a piece of fallout.

Honey Butter: A magnificent Matte initially published in the Organic Matte Eye Palette from 2015, Honey Butter is a matte peachy tan. Even though the color is not super pigmented, this formulation is smooth, creamy, and even.

Nudie: In addition part of the Organic Matte Eye Palette, Nudie is a tender taupe chocolate brown matte with a pigmented along with smooth formulation.

Push-Up: From the first Natural Eye Palette and the natural pale eyes, Push-Up is a creamy and rich tender brown.

Bunny Nose: That is a tender cool pink with a shimmery finish.

In the end I have presented a score card to ease it further for you. Now you won’t be having a problem whenever you look for a eye shadow. You can easily buy the Too Faced Natural Love after a detailed research.