There are many varieties of eye liner on the market today. Unfortunately for us, there is no omnipotent liner or eyes out there, all of them are separated into different categories that are designed for different uses around the eyes.

The eyeliner We See Most Often In The Cosmetic Industry Are

  • Liquid liners for eyes (brush applicator)
  • Felt-tip liner for eyes(also called art liner)
  • Gel or Cream eyeliner
  • Kohl Pencil Eyeliner
  • Kajal Eyeliner
  • Regular pencil eyeliner
  • Mechanical twist-up eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow (used as eyeliner)

If you are concerned about any ingredients you see on an eyeliner, please visit the FDA’s website for an approved list of chemicals.

  • Eyeliners at a Glance
  • Liquid, Kajal, Gel/Cream, Pencil, Kohl, Felt-tip, Art liners for eyes
  • Liquid, Kajal, Gel/Cream, Pencil, Kohl, Felt-tip, Art liners | Source
  • Gel liner for eyes
  • Cream eyeliner
  • Gel/Cream eyeliner | Source
  • Cream liner for eyes applied
  • Gel/Cream eyeliner applied | Source
eyeliner makeup

Gel Eyeliner

The Gel or Cream eyeliner has a very waxy consistency and is generally applied with an eyeliner brush or a q-tip.

You should use a gel/cream eyeliner whenever you want to ensure that your eyeliner will be waterproof and will stay put. Since it is made of wax, it will not come off easily.

I put mine to the test by rubbing my arm with water and soap. Only after a couple of seconds you applied line to eye start to smear off. It took eye makeup remover to get it completely off of my hand.

Use a brush to apply this liner to your eye when you want more control over the line and/or need a more precise line. Dip a q-tip in the gel eyeliner in order to give it a smokey effect.

Gel eyeliner does great in the waterline because it’s very waterproof. Although it is safe to apply it to the waterline, it is difficult to do so.

I recommend getting a pencil eyeliner, dipping the end in the gel/cream eyeliner and then using the pencil tip to smudge on your waterline.Attempting to do so with a brush or q-tip will result in teary and red eyes.

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