Makeup Brush Set Names and Uses

Foundation Brush

Foundation makeup brush set

This makeup brush set is designed for the application of foundation. These have bristles of lengths to help attain a smoother, and completed look. You may apply foundation to your face and after that use the brush to spread and combine starting at the nose and working your workout.

A foundation brush purchase is worth it because it gives a specialist look, is much more hygienic.It implements your foundation more evenly and precisely. Foundation doesn’t get wasted. Doesn’t create a mess.

Powder Brush

Powder makeup brush set

The powder brush is among the largest makeup brush set and has a broad array of purposes. In order to  enable it to easily select up products that are powdered, it is rounded, full and soft. It is used to distribute powder evenly to big areas, like the face, neck and collar. It’s also used for implementing bronzer.

Stippling Brush

Stippling makeup brush set

A brush called a duo-fiber brush is a multi-purpose brush often used with liquid foundation, blush and bronzer.

The claws are closely packed together and generally made out of animal hair. The flat, circular, feathery head provides buildable and light-weight coverage that doesn’t remove any one of the make-up, so it’s perfect for layering.

Concealer Brush

Concealer makeup brush set

This brush is little in size, but has a big impact it can make may be huge.For easy and perfect coverage, it is used to dap the concealer. Whether its dark circles under your eyes, stains or discoloration,this little brush gives more control over those annoying imperfections.

Blusher Brush

Blusher Makeup brush set

A blusher brush is utilized for implementing blush, . The blusher brush is made with nice, gentle fibers with a rounded head. It’s ideal for employing powdered color to the apples of your cheeks and blending this up along your cheekbone.

Contour Brush

Contour makeup brush set

This is the best makeup brush set for contouring and highlighting. This brush helps you achieve the perfect cheek bones and defines them.

Slanted bristles are meant to mimic the angle of your cheek bones for perfect blending, highlighting and shading, utilizing a bronzer or illuminating powder.

bristles are meant to mimic the angle of your cheek bones for perfect blending, highlighting and shading, utilizing a bronzer or illuminating powder.

Types of Makeup brush Set for Eyes & Lips

Eye Base Brush & Angle Eye Shadow brush

Eye makeup brush set

There are various types of eye shadow brushes, but both of these are the most.  In order, to apply colour to your whole eyelid, the eye base brush is used. It’s flat wide and short, with a beveled edge to allow application without pulling on the eyelid.

Once a base colour has been implemented, the angled eye shadow brush or contour eye shadow brush is then utilized for layering color and producing hard lines along the eyelid crease.

Smudger Brush

Smudger makeup brush set

A smudger brush is fantastic for softening hard lines and producing a look. The dome shaped claws are formed to fit into the crease of the eye and is a must-have for producing Smokey eyes.

Lip Brush

lip brush set

A lip brush helps you achieve a perfect line when you don’t have a lip liner handy. The sculpted tip of the lip brush allows for precise application and lining of the lip. The short and firm bristles give a flawless overall coverage. It’s also a more hygienic way to apply lipstick.

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