About MDC

In 2019, we began MDC because, like you, we’re pretty obsessed with beauty, whether it’s trying out the new K-beauty trend to achieve our #GlassSkinGoals.

Throughout the years, we’ve been one of the largest beauty blogs on the internet, garnering over several readers a month, with our library of over fourteen thousand pieces of content, and it’s not just makeup testing and selfie-taking.
Regardless of your ethnicity, skin tone, hair type, or budget, you will feel most relaxed on MDC and handle your needs. Beauty isn’t uniform but diverse and profoundly personal—and we promise to be frank and intimate with you, sharing our own experiences and stories. And because it is about how you feel on the inside and what you slather on the outside, you’ll find several expert-backed wellness tips here.

Please click around. Stay awhile. We want to encourage you to make improvements. And can you buy this article about the holy grail—don’t complain we didn’t tell you.