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Give yourself Haircuts. DIY Lob Haircut and other Hair Styles

“My mom cut my hair.” Those words, uttered by anyone in sixth grade, were enough to ensure humiliation. Especially if you’re talking about one among those bowl cuts that were so common within the ’80s. Well, my mom did cut my hair a couple of days ago because my usual salon was closed thanks to COVID-19. Now, I’m watching the choppy ends within the mirror, cringing. A guide to …

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Bleaching Curly Hair and Untamed them Without Damaging It

If there’s one thing everyone within the hair-care space can agree on. It’s that bleaching curly hair is one among the harshest processes out there. Though it’s just about the sole thanks to get that dramatic dark-to-light color change. Bleach can cause serious damage, especially on textured hair. We consulted the pros to seek out out exactly how bleach works. Its effects on the hair, …

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How You Handle Breakup Based on your Zodiac Sign?

We begin most relationships energized by the unknown, dazzled by the prospect of exploring a brand-new partnership’s potential. If and once it finishes, we have been forced to abandon not only what was, however, our hopes for what could have been. Rather than aspiration, left with emptiness and heartache. And every sign of the zodiac …

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Does Pretty Privilege Exist? We Do not Believe in it

Beauty Beyond Binaries is a weekly column on the intersection of beauty and individuality on by writer, Television host, and activist Janet Mock. I understood very early on I wasn’t pretty. Nobody ever called me pretty. It had been not the go-to adjective folks used to describe me. Therefore, the word Pretty Privilege did …


Inspiring story of Dark Asian Skin Beauty and Its Attributes

It’s no secret that Crazy Rich Asians, has given representation where representation was urgently due, but there is one role from the movie which offers an authentic viewpoint with a whole lot to unpack. The Dark Asian skin beauty Awkwafina’s character Peik Lin sports the exact same swagger and vernacular that numerous other Asian Americans …