Aida Bicaj Skin Care – Prices – Coupons – Review

In all of New York, I just know one facialist by name. Aida Bicaj is her name, and for a while, I didn’t believe she was real—she reminded me of Sally Hansen or Chiquita Banana. The definition is more important than the woman. She’s sincere (I can testify to this because I sat with her for an hour in the lobby of her Upper East Side salon for this interview), and she’s strong as well. She’s the reason why everybody has heard of Biologique Recherche P50, if not been fully persuaded of its skin-rejuvenating abilities. Also, a minor detail: she often brushes Jenna Lyons’ ears.

Someone with so much influence must have a lot of expertise to share. So I sat her down and asked her, “What do you know about our collective skin that we don’t?” It turns out, quite a bit. Here are her “Top Five” in no particular order. Simple, but transformative for the face and body.

Bicaj Aida Skin Care

Upper East Side is a neighbourhood in Manhattan (30 East 67th Street, fifth floor). A signature facial with Ms. Aida Bicaj starts at $595, but identical services can be performed by associates in her office for $450.

Affluent Clientele Jenna Lyons, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are among the fashion set, with a few actresses (Jennifer Connelly) thrown in for good measure.

Foreground Ms. Aida Bicaj was born in Kosovo and moved to New York in 1992. She has over 20 years of experience as an aesthetician.

Authentication “If you have nice skin and hair, you can look like a million bucks in anything,” Ms. Bicaj said. “I work on my skin with my fingertips. I believe in continuous blood circulation stimulation. You will remove lines if you stimulate your skin’s circulation every day.”

Summertime Suggestions Ms. Aida Bicaj focuses on skin that is relaxed and hydrated. “Even if you’re just walking down the highway, it’s a really bright sun out there,” she said. Before using her Manual Lift face massage techniques, she will begin with a gentle powder-based exfoliation. Depending on the skin’s needs, she finishes the service with hydrating and oxygenating items (her favourites are the Biologique Recherche line and Future’s Beauty Drops and Crème Extreme).

Ms. Aida Bicaj recommends searching for balancing items to stock your own vanity. “It’s been my experience that purifying products appear to dry out the skin,” she said. “However, balancing items will deal with both the drying effects of the sun and the humidity.”

Aida recommends the following SIX STEPS TOWARDS HEALTHY SKIN: Cleanser, Toner, Mask, Quintessential Serum, Crème, and Finishing Serum for the best results.

We have chosen the best products from the most popular skin care brands, such as Biologique Recherche skin care, Valmont of Switzerland, Institute Esthederm sun protection products, Future Makeup and Hair care products by Leonor Greyl, eye brow or eye lash by Revitalash, skin care by MBR – Medical Beauty Science.



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