Best Monolid Makeup Collection 2021

No Crease? No Problem. In-Crease Your Eye Makeup Skills With These 5 Monolid Makeup Tips.

Regardless of the fact that it’s impossible to generalize “Asian eyes” at a single phrase, monolids seem to be one of the traits most commonly associated with them. Monolid makeup is portrayed by the lack of a prominent crease, and monolidded eyes are often more almond shaped than round. 
I recall thinking how unfair it was as a young kid that I ended up with my father’s monolidded eyes. While my mother and one of my brothers have a prominent crease. It took me years to see both were beautiful in their own way. And now my monolid makeup aren’t something that I try to work around, but something that I enjoy working with! 

Sure, round eyes with pronounced creases are beautiful, but so are almond-shaped eyes without a crease. 

1.My Naked Eye.

Now, I know that it’s also impossible to generalize even among people with monolids and monolid makeup, as there are very different shapes and techniques. And individuals will sometimes prefer one way over another. Eventually, all of it boils down to what you enjoy and feel comfortable with. 

These days, there are even eyelid tapes and glues available to create a crease. If you think that it can help you employ make-up, and some even find that using false lashes gives their eyelids a fold. 
Ordinarily, I don’t even believe in hard and fast rules with regards to make-up. Also that I think you should do whatever you’re comfortable with. The following tips are just several things which have worked well for me personally. 

I know that lots of readers who come across this post may not have monolid makeup looks themselves, but why don’t you keep these tips in mind for a buddy who does? 

2.The MAC 217 Blending Brush.

Blend, blend, blend! 

Hint 1: blend,blend,blend

As essential as mixing is with regards to eye shadow application, I think it’s much more crucial for those people with monolid makeup. Because we lack a natural demarcation between our eyes and forehead bones. Therefore if we employ a patch of colour right on top of our eyes without mixing, it can look a little unnatural. 

Unblended eyeshadow 

From the image below, I’m wearing Urban Decay Verve on the inside 50 percent of my eye and Busted on the outside. Personally, I think that once the eyeshadows have been mixed, they appear more natural. And add greater dimension to the look than the usual simple patch of color. 

Blended eyeshadow 

Hint 2: (Don’t) work it into your crease 
If you don’t have one, why fight it? I know that stunning cut-crease looks are gorgeous on our double-lidded counterparts. However when we’re not attentive, they can easily look overdone, and dare I say it, even a little fake. 

Whilst it’s not impossible to emphasize the outer v and bring a bit of the color into our (imaginary) crease. I try to do it with an easily blendable shade using a mixing brush rather than a pencil brush; otherwise, it might take a looong time to blend the acute line out afterwards! 

Defined Outer V.

Here, I dipped the tip of my MAC 217 Blending Brush into Urban Decay Blackout and used that to define my external v. This step is entirely optional, and that I rarely do it (or seldom use a shade as dark as Blackout; fortunately, it’s very blendable). I think it does show, but that it’s possible to specify your outer v with the right sort of brush and a light hand, without “working it into your crease. ” 

3.Gel Liner (Monolid Makeup)

Tip 3: Walk the line 
Great news for monolidders! Not only does eyeliner give your own eyes beautiful definition, you can typically get away with having more than our counterparts with a prominent crease! 
For my lower lash lines, I use a gel lining or a pencil, but for my upper lash lines, I only use dyes, because once they’re on, they’re loyal till the end! You may also tight line with them, lining right on the lash line to fill in the gaps, which makes your lashes appear longer voluminous, which already makes quite a difference. 


You might also make a tiny wing to give your eyes more oomph! 
Here’s a trick that I use frequently! I’ll line my lower lash lines . This way, I know where the angle of my lash line should go. When you look at this picture, you can see where I’ve already made a tiny indicator of where the angle of my lash line should go. 
May I recommend the Bdellium Tools 760 Liner/Brow Brush (shown above on the right)? It’s the precision of a pointed eyeliner brush and draws the clean lines of an angled liner brush. 

If you’re looking for more drama, you might drag it out, or make the line really thick in the outer corner. However, for each day looks, I find this adequate. I personally like to restrict the line only to my lash line to the interior half, and drag it up as I move towards the outer corner. 
In addition, if you would like your eyes to look more spacious, stop short of lining your lower lash line all the way in, which may have the contrary effect. I start lining my lower lash line where I could in reality see some lashes. Right at the interior corners of my eyes the lashes are tiny, which ’s the part I leave alone. 

In addition, I prefer to smudge some eye shadow over my lash line, not only to soften it down, but additionally because I think it helps pencil liner remain placed (see the pictures in the next measure ). If you’re new to gel liner, I really recommend you go over the line with an eye shadow as well. This way, even when your line isn’t ideal, you’ll still be capable to get away with it! 

5.Lined Monolid Makeup Look.

The MAC 219 Pencil Brush 

Hint 4: Let there be light! — in these inner corners 
Particularly whenever you aren’t utilizing a light, shimmery shade on the interior 50 percent of your eyelids, highlighting the inner corners really opens up the eyes. It may make a difference! And I really like my pencil brush for this, as my inner corners are rather small. The MAC 219 makes this kind of detailed work a cinch. 

Highlighted Inner Corners 

In addition, remember that part of my lower lash line I left unlined? Placing a little your highlighter shade there’ll make your eyes appear rounder and more opened-up! 

Waterproof Mascara 

Tip 5: Make water-proof mascara your new best buddy 
Waterproof mascara isn’t ideal. It may be a hassle to remove, and a couple of them render lashes crunchy, but from my experience they’re generally far better in holding the curl than non-water-proof varieties. A fantastic tube of curl-holding mascara could make all the distinction in the entire world for monolidded eyes. It opens them up like nothing else! 

Finished! The Monolid Makeup Look !!

It’s likely the trick here which makes the BIGGEST difference. I feel that when I do nothing else in the early hours, curling my eyelashes makes me look more alert, and if you would like your eyelashes to stay at attention all day long, water-proof mascaras are a great bet. 

I personally hope you found something useful among these tips! In case you’ve any other strategies to share, please leave a comment, as the discussion is very likely to benefit others looking for monolid make-up tips. 
Last but not least, remember, we’re beautiful in our own way. 



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