Review on AGELOC NU SKIN LUMISPA Cleansing Tool


Cleaning brushes were the talk of the town a few years ago, and they definitely do divide opinion among the many tools, gizmos, and potions on the skincare market. Some people swear by them for a deep, thorough cleanse at the end of the day or a few days a week for exfoliation, while others believe they damage the skin barrier, cause inflammation, and don’t belong in your bathroom. It’s a divisive subject, but cleansing tools are progressing beyond the brush. The Ageloc Nu Skin Lumispa is the place to be. Granted, it’s not a catchy word, but the silicone-headed, “dual-action skincare device” promises to enhance everything from visibility to skin texture to radiance by eliminating potentially bacteria-harboring bristles (always a tricky yardstick is radiance). Let’s see how it goes.

What really is a Lumispa tool?

A portable, rechargeable, handheld electric skin cleansing system with two silicone heads: “natural” and “firm.” The heads move at various rates in order to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Every cleaning session lasts two minutes; the system pauses every 30 seconds to signify that it’s time to move on to another region of the face, and it pauses and vibrates at you, just like an electric toothbrush, whether you’re scrubbing, applying too much pressure, or otherwise attempting to hoover your face. In the same way that the silicone heads are less abrasive than bristles, the Lumispa wants you to go easy on it when it comes to actual action. Every silicone head is easy to clean, simple to dry, and lasts three months, and you’ll also get a cleanser with your purchase (£192.99).

Who is Lumispa tool for?

For instance, it’s for those who can afford it, but if you like the concept of a cleaning brush but don’t like the bacteria-festering aspect or bristles that come on too heavy, this is a far superior buffer, and the fact that it shuts off if you push too hard helps to ensure that you don’t take your face off in the process of dead skin cell sweepage. It does leave you with a deep clean feeling and a cleaner skin texture after an at-home spa session, but I wouldn’t suggest it if you have pain, a weakened skin barrier, or cystic acne—a double cleanse with a warm flannel is the way to go instead of self-administered electro-facials. Please don’t feel obligated to use the cleanser given. If you’re going to buzz your face, use a cleanser that’s perfect for you rather than one that’s been prescribed to you by an electrical device.

In a nutshell, it’s similar to a Foreo silicone cleaning brush, but it’s more effective, dynamic, and has more cleansing and exfoliation “options.” The brand suggests using it twice daily, but I reduced it to three days a week and noticed that it worked well for me—a light touch left my skin tender, not irritated, and it soaked up serum and moisturizer afterwards. Just make sure to thoroughly wash and dry the head after each use. Otherwise, you’re causing much more harm than success. The device also appears to minimize the presence of pores, but I didn’t note this effect during my month of testing. If you’re looking for temporary pore shrinkage, I’d suggest sticking to liquid exfoliators (unfortunately all manner of factors affect pore size, and pores grow larger with age).

The Final Say

I’d prefer the Lumispa over a cleaning brush every day if I were in the cleansing gadget camp, and it does slough off grime quickly and efficiently while leaving skin soft and bright as expected, but I’m not sure I need it in my routine, and I’d be worried if my skin were anything less than safe (I’m currently going through a good skin patch touches all the wrinkly bits). Basically, I’m undecided, but the high price tag is a deal breaker; I’d rather invest in some powerful exfoliants, stock up on flannels, and schedule a facial.



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