The Urban Decay All-Nighter Concealer – Honest Review

The All-Nighter Family is expanding and this urban decay waterproof full coverage concealer certainly comes on strong. We put the liquid troubleshooter through its paces by which we mean baths, sweaty exercise classes, and long slogs in the office.

It began with a makeup setting spray, now Urban Decay has carved a long-lasting makeup market. From best-selling 24/7 eyeliners and lip pencils to All-Nighter Liquid Base, and now a concentrated concealer that claims to be so thick that it hides tattoos, as well as the normal blemish, redness and dark spot sticking points (notoriously tricky to even out). So, here’s the latest All-Nighter Concealer scoop. As per the ‘all-nighter’ tagline, we did not sleep in our make-up for the record, but we put our faces to the extreme.

Urban Decay All-Nighter Concealer

What is it?

THICK is what it was. The Naked Skin Concealer of Urban Decay (random stat I’ll remember forever) is apparently 73 percent more pigmented, and just a dab is all you need. Layer this and you could find that you can’t move your face. There are 14 shades in the collection, and I consider the Fair Hues to be quite fair as a head up, indeed. Some suggest the shades oxidize on dry down and become darker, and if you’re in between shades, Urban Decay artists themselves advise opting for the lighter alternative. Surprisingly, I found the opposite to be true (I’d usually be firmly in the reasonable camp). Perhaps I acquired Jan Tan? Hmmm. Mmm. Dark Wet, for Ayesha, was the nearest match at the other end of the skin tone continuum.

As for results, as expected, the finish is most certainly matte, and it’s going nowhere once on for the record. Before work, I applied over my normal base. It needed no touch-ups throughout the day and was still in place and doing its zit camouflaging thing after clammy dance class at night. Although I will go into store for a shade match in good light where possible, it feels relaxed and non-drying. Both fair shades were just a little on the chalky side for me, which can look obvious given the pigment’s potency. Even, unless you really need the coverage, don’t team them with a heavy, full base face. They’re strong enough on their own. The base’s too dense and the overall look might be paint-like.

Who uses Urban Decay Concealers?

After stay-put, no nonsense coverage for angry blemishes, redness, dark circles, acne scarring or other base gripes that are not handled by weedier choices. Although if you find ‘the one’, a significant word on the shade spectrum, the end result is impressively flawless, there is simply not enough choice for dark skin tones here. To make this work, everyone needs an exact match, and we discovered that the deeper you go, the less options there are. As soon as possible, UD will do well to extend the offering, at least in line with the 24 shades offered in the selection of the All Nighter Base.


Before and After picture of using Urban Decay All-Nighter Concealer

The absence of darker end of the spectrum shades left us wanting, but if you get the right shade, it does as it says on the wand, blends in well and is tenacious in terms of hanging around and fulfilling its ‘hiding without caking’ credentials.

All Nighter Concealer Urban Decay, £20, purchase online.

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