Tie Dye Nails Taking Over Instagram


The Buzz Around Tie Dye Nails

This year, Tie-dye has been everywhere and now it’s found its way down to our fingertips; after months of no nail bar appointments, it’s no wonder that at our first chance to sit in the salon chair, we are all going crazy for nail art. Tie-dye is fun and frivolous, the opposite of what 2020 has been so far. This trend, whether it’s one statement nail or a full set of technicolor talons, is completely embraced.

The best thing about this trend? If you’re not ready to visit your nail tech yet, it’s shockingly easy to replicate at home-just equip yourself with four polish colors and a nail art brush or a sponge and you’re great to go.


We invited nail expert Helena Marimon, who works with Peacci, a vegan nail company, to speak to us about how to make tie-dye nails, step by step. Her tutorial is pleasantly easy, but to get the hang of it, we tried it on just one finger to start with. We’ll try all ten fingers next time.

Four steps to get Tie Dye Nails at home

Step 1: Use a base coat to prepare your nails and allow them to dry completely for 2-3 minutes before adding your first coat of colour. Helena used the bright white Daisy set from Peacci. To accomplish an even, opaque foundation, follow this with a second coat of your chosen base hue.

Step 2: On a nail art palette or tray, pour a few drops of each of your chosen colours into a random pattern (on top and around each other). Peacci’s mint-green Sealight, baby pink Audrey, Daisy, and lilac Crayon were used by Helena.

Step 3: Gently move the colours together using a circular nail art brush so that they start to blend slightly. To form a tie-dye effect, the colours will begin to merge.

Step 4: To achieve your desired tie-dye effect, gently dip the brush into the colours and drag the brush on top of your base colour. Just paint the top half of your nail for a more abstract look, or just do your ring finger for a statement nail (and save time!). Finish with a topcoat.

Found this interesting? Head on to how to recreate rose brown hair look to find out more on latest trends in the fashion world.



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