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Brief History About Function of Beauty

Take the hair questionnaire to get personalized conditioner and shampoo tailored to the 5 main hair goals. All of the products are made in America, paragon free, vegan, sulfate free and cruelty free. You can customize everything about your conditioner and shampoo from the scent to the color! Function of beauty began with years of research in a team that included two Massachusetts Institute of Technology educated engineers, seeking to create custom beauty products that would actually help.
Since it first started offering products, Function of Beauty has accumulated almost 15, 000 5 star product reviews, resting at a pretty spectacular 4.8 out of 5 overall. Get top quality, personalized conditioner, and shampoo at an inexpensive price by using to find Function of Beauty coupons and promotional codes.

How To Choose a Perfect Product from Function of Beauty?

the most crucial part of ensuring you get a conditioner and shampoo that is perfectly worded to fit your hair.
First, you will choose your hair type, hair structure, and scalp moisture. Then, you will select your top 5 Hair targets from a list of nearly 20 potential goals.
The rest of the ordering process is purely aesthetic. You will choose a fragrance, or choose to go fragrance-free, and after that choose the color you want your shampoo and conditioner to be.
If you are not sure about the definition of some of the hair quiz terms, check the FAQ for more in-depth discussion.

Does Function of Beauty Really Offer International Shipping?

Currently, Function of Beauty ships to the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and the European Union. Shipping on one time orders is $5 in the United States, Canada, and Australia, £, 5 in Great Britain, 5 in the European Union, and NZ$10 in New Zealand. Subscriptions offer free shipping worldwide. These prices do not include any traditions and duties, so it could be a fine idea to check with the local traditions office to see if you will need to pay those.

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Function of Beauty Promo Code and Reviews:

Beauty Function lets you design your own shampoo and conditioner based on the needs of your hair.

Human beings are distinctive. We’re wearing outfits that show our personal style off. We create playlists so that, whenever we want, we can listen to music we love. On our social media profiles, we have myriad interests and passions we proudly display. For the most part, the world in which we live makes it easy for us, from monogrammed phone cases to data-driven subscription boxes, to personalize everything in our lives.

So why don’t they get the same treatment for our haircare?

Function of Beauty was founded in 2015 to help individuals embrace their unique hair and shake up the shampoo aisle with some much-needed customization. After all, in so many other aspects of our lives, we are looking for customization. Why should we settle for a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner?

Maybe Zahir Dossa doesn’t seem like your typical founder of a beauty brand. But the MIT alum (with his alma mater at four degrees) saw a need for customization in space. Dossa began working on a beauty cooperative while receiving his PhD. When he asked for feedback on the same product from a group of people, he was surprised at the wide range of answers he received. It was that experience that planted the seed that would soon become Function of Beauty, a haircare brand that allows individuals with fully customized shampoos and conditioners to customize their routine.

What we thought, after trying the Beauty Function ourselves,

Tens of thousands of five-star reviews were received by Function of Beauty, but we wanted to see how it actually worked on our own hair. So, three of my colleagues and I swapped our regular shampoos and conditioners for beauty regimes with customized functions. We all filled out the hair quiz and got a shampoo and conditioner of eight ounces just for us. Find our reviews underneath.

Beauty Instagram’s Function
Senior reporter, Connie Chen:
Type of hair: dark brown, medium coarse, straight, medium-long.
Products: purple shampoo; pear scent; blue conditioner; pear scent;

Experience: I tend to dry both my scalp and my real hair, so I always look for shampoo and conditioner that hydrates and conditions it. My hair has been reinvigorated and overall feels softer and less dry after a few weeks of using my customized Function of Beauty products. The colors are beautiful and I’m in love with the fragrance as well, which could be the best-smelling shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used.

Beauty Custom Shampoo and Conditioner Function (8-ounce)
$39.99 FROM BEAUTY Function

Alyssa Powell, graphic designer associate:
Type of hair: black, tightly coiled, thick, short
Products: blue shampoo; pineapple scent; orange conditioner; pineapple scent;

Experience: As much as I love my tightly coiled, well-put-together hair, it has always been a struggle for me to maintain moisture, retain length, and find the correct products. A year has passed since I made my big chop. I have been specific about the products I use and have been consistent with my routine since then.

The packaging of these items was gorgeous. I loved how the bottles and the direction booklet were printed with my name. I followed all the instructions except one: three to four times a week for cleansing or conditioning. You know, washing too often for those with coily hair (who don’t rock wash-and-gos) can strip the much-needed moisture from your hair. Once a week in the shower, I did my normal routine washing, followed by moisturizing with Uncle Funky’s Daughter Extra Butter, and then mousse styling.

I don’t think Beauty Function is right for me after one month of using the products. My hair felt clean, the pineapple smelled awesome, and I still looked great with my twists. My hair, however, did not feel moisturised.

Former Reporter, Remi Rosmarin:
Blonde (color-treated), fine, wavy, medium-length hair type:
Products: Purple shampoo, nude peach scent; purple conditioner, nude peach scent;

Experience: I can never really get my hair read at all. One day it’s frizzy and dry, the next it’s oily. Every week, I usually alternate between a slew of haircare products, my attempt to give my hair all it needs. I was thrilled to try Beauty Function and try to make my routine slim down.

It has been fast and fun to do the hair quiz. For my wavy and fine hair, I selected the following goals: lengthen, decrease brassiness, protect color, control oil, and volumize. You’ll get Function of Beauty’s purple shampoo if you choose to decrease brassiness as one of your goals. I recently had a hair treatment that required me to use sulfate-free shampoo, although I love Clairol’s iteration, so I was happy to get this new sulfate-free brass banisher.

The customization features are my favorite portions of Function of Beauty. I love the light peachy scent, the cute purple colors, and the bottle that is sweetly labeled “Function of Remi.” All of these aspects make it a little more fun to wash my hair. It does not hurt that the bottles in your shower look absolutely adorable.

I have been using them for over a month in terms of how well the products work and am still not really sure. My hair feels very soft and clean, but I haven’t noticed a real volume change or how long it takes for my hair to get greasy. I’m definitely happy with the products, but I haven’t noticed a sufficient difference to justify the price, which is twice what I usually pay for shampoo and conditioner.

Senior reporter Mara Leighton:
Type of hair: brunette (colour-treated), thick, wavy, long
Products: purple shampoo; eucalyptus scent; purple conditioner; eucalyptus scent;

Experience: On its worst days, my hair is wavy, long, and borders on as dry and frizzy as grass in a drought. I’ve been trying to find a sulfate-free formula that I really like, since sulfates can over-dry the hair (and humid summer weather is not the time to tempt such issues), and Function of Beauty did the job.

I already knew that my bottles would not have a host of potentially bad ingredients, but a customized formula meant that I felt assured that they would actually have all the ingredients I needed specifically in their place (like those combating brassiness in color-treated hair, rebuilding strands, boosting shine, and taming frizz). I also loved the ability to choose a big bottle of conditioner and a smaller bottle of shampoo-I won’t run out of conditioner before shampoo for perhaps the first time ever.

The formula is truly good in practice. It smells fresh and clean (my favorite scents) and manages to make my hair feel clean, lightweight, without dampening volume and keeping frizz to a minimum. At night, I shower and let my hair dry in the air, and my waves seem to look more uniform, but not exactly glossy. I might still have used too much shampoo. Either way, I really love the effect, and I’m good at supplementing my routine with a hair mask.

And it doesn’t hurt, though not as important as the formula, that the bottles look so nice in my bathroom. Even having the tiny “Function of Mara” personalization on them makes the act of showering feel kind of like a treat.

Beauty Custom Shampoo and Conditioner Function (8-ounce)
$39.99 FROM BEAUTY Function

How to create a custom shampoo and conditioner

It’s simple to create your own haircare beauty function. To get a customized formula, you’ll follow these steps:

Fill out a quiz about the type of hair and the structure of your hair (curly, straight, thick, fine, etc.)

(Do you want to banish brassiness? Reduce oil? Add shine or volume?) Choose five hair goals.

Choose a fragrance (some of the scent options include eucalyptus, shea butter and vanilla, and peach)

Seven color tints to choose from (all 100 percent vegan and sulfate-free; you can also choose to leave it dye-free)

The hair quiz tells the FOB team all they need to know about your hair, and the algorithms of the brand will get to work to find the perfect formulation for you. Your products in cute personalized bottles will also come to your door.

Pricing of Beauty Function

There are a few ways to purchase Beauty Function products. Just one time, every six months, every three months, or once a month, you can choose to get a delivery. You can choose from an eight- or 16-ounce bottle of either shampoo or conditioner in terms of size. For a single eight-ounce shampoo bottle, the prices range from $29 to $49 for a 16-ounce shampoo and conditioner set. These are certainly more expensive than your haircare brands in the drugstore, but the price tag reflects the customized approach as well as the high-quality ingredients used.

Function of Beauty also has a more affordable product line at Target if you love the idea of custom haircare but need something less expensive. It works by first selecting a base formula and then mixing in booster packages that address specific hair needs. The base formulas are $10 each and $2.99 each for the booster packets. Here, you can learn more.

What’s Next?

Beauty’s custom shampoo and conditioner function is fun to create and on a bathroom shelf, the colorful bottles look great. Most of us have been won over, but your personal preferences will really come down to whether or not it works for you. What we can all agree on is that we appreciate the clean scents, the thoughtful details, and the ordering process that is simple to use.

“I’ve become someone who can’t hear about a product without saying, “Oh yeah, I heard someone on YouTube talk about that.” I first heard of Function of Beauty, a personalized hair care brand, from a vlogger sponsored by the company to review the product. You know where this is going. This post is #NotSpon with that said.

The advertisements, which also run on Instagram and Facebook, target young women who want to wash their hair with unique formulas and look cool doing it. The bottles even come with a page with decorative stickers.

What’s the Beauty Function?

The trendy brand claims to be “the first fully customizable hair care brand in the world,” as it allows you to create shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in therapies based on hair type, style objectives, and even preferences for color and fragrance.

All products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, and gluten, ingredients that have been considered undesirable for their effects on hair (sulfates can be dried) for one reason or another; the environment (mineral oils do not biodegrade well); or even the health of the user (phthalates are linked to endocrine disruption if ingested, which means they could interfere with hormone production). They are also “cruelty-free” and vegan, meaning they contain no products derived from animals, nor are they tested on animals.

“The idea is that all you have to do in choosing your perfect hair products is concentrate on what qualities you want your hair to possess, rather than worrying about those “controversial” ingredients mentioned above (if you want to avoid them, that is).

For this privilege, depending on the size and delivery frequency you choose, you pay an average of about $20 each for shampoo and conditioner. This is on par with higher end products at the salon, ULTA, or Sephora that you can pick up.

What is the process of ordering like?

A pamphlet about your products and stickers to decorate your bottles comes with your Function of Beauty order.

Easy, and fun, even! You take your hair quiz, which includes four steps before creating a Function of Beauty account: building your hair profile, selecting your hair goals, customizing your formula, and choosing product size, quantity (you can get an individual shampoo or conditioner, or sets) and delivery frequency. It’s not until you’re fully done answering the questions that the site asks you to enter your billing and shipping information, making it feel much less stressful than other subscription services I’ve used.

Step 1: Your profile with your hair

The first step is to answer some questions that are illustrated by graphics about your hair type, although they are more cutesy than helpful. Since middle school, I have described my hair (see above) as curly, but after a small existential crisis followed by a Google search to determine the distinction between curly and wavy, I chose “wavy” for my hair profile (other options include straight, curly, and coily). Most of my hair is more wavy than curly because the length is slightly weighed down and too many times it has felt the heat of a hair dryer or straightener. As my hair structure is fine, medium, and coarse, I chose “medium” as my strands are not wispy, nor are they wiry. I selected normal dry, normal, and oily for scalp moisture; I can go a few days before my hair gets oily, and even in the winter months when my skin suffers, I do not have a dry scalp.

Step 1:

The first part of the hair quiz asks you to define the type of hair, the structure of the hair and the humidity of the scalp.

Step 2:

Your hair goals My favorite part of the hair quiz was picking my goals, up to five, from the 18 options for how I want my hair to look and feel. Function of Beauty’s definition of the goal pops up as you click each option, as well as the key ingredients the company uses to achieve each goal. I chose to strengthen my hair, for instance, and an explanation appeared that said: “Increase the resilience and elasticity of your hair, stimulate healthy hair growth, and protect your hair from breakage.” “Key ingredients: extract of horsetail and evening primrose.” If you want to make sure you choose the right choices for your desired locks or if you have any ingredient allergies, this is helpful. I chose the options of “deep condition,” “strengthen,” “lengthen,” “color protection,” and “thermal protection”

Step 3:

Your fragrance and color of the product Of the seven options, I chose the “all (you) calyptus” scent, which is a blend of eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, and peppermint essential oil. This is the only scent that claims to be 100% natural and its ingredients are listed. (Peach, pineapple, floral, milkshake and fragrance-free are the other fragrances.) I have no allergies, but I liked the idea of a fresh, natural pepperminty fragrance. Under the fragrance strength section, I selected “light” (other options are medium and strong), and moved on to my formula color.

For both the shampoo and conditioner, I chose “dye free” as my color option. “The company claims that none of the colors use dyes under the FAQ section of the site, so I think it is peculiar that the uncolored version is referred to as “dye free”-something to consider. Still, I didn’t want to risk placing any artificial colors in my hair as a blonde. (I’ll leave that to my purple shampoo, which I use once a month, as recommended by my stylist, to keep my blonde color looking cool instead of brassy.)

Step 4:

I don’t know about you in terms of product quantity and delivery, but it takes me quite some time to finish bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I chose the eight-ounce bottles (the smallest available size), which I’ve only made a dent in more than a month of use now. I could’ve opted for two 16-ounce bottles for $49 total if I were more of a power user. You can also buy the bottles individually or in a mix of sizes: $29 is a single eight-ounce shampoo or conditioner bottle, $36 is a single 16-ounce shampoo or conditioner bottle, and $43 is a mix-and-match set with one eight-ounce and one 16-ounce bottle.

I chose to order just once as this was my first time using Function of Beauty. This meant that instead of receiving free shipping, I had to pay $5 for shipping, which is standard if you choose between each month’s automatic delivery plans, every three months, or every six months. The website claims that you can cancel at any time, so I could try a free shipping option and then cancel it before the second shipment, but I have no time to play games. I would normally be willing to spend about $50 total because I want to keep the blond looking as pristine as possible. Two eight-ounce bottles cost $36, so the total came to $41. (I’d prefer to spend less, about $30 total, if my hair was not color-treated.)

What do my formulas for Function of Beauty claim to do?

Function of Beauty formulated my shampoo and conditioner to deep-condition using shea butter and avocado oil based on my designated hair goals; strengthen using horsetail extract (derived from a plant, not a horse-to be clear) and evening primrose oil; lengthen using extract of pea sprout and extract of blue-green algae; protect the color using extract of palm fruit and rice bran oil; and provide thermal bran oil

My hair is still considered to be damaged because it has been altered chemically. It’s something that hair products can’t change.’

I know as a beauty writer that some claims are proven (shea butter and avocado oil are absolutely conditioning, as most oils are) while others are questionable (there is no magical treatment to lengthen your hair, although stimulating hair growth has been credited with pea sprout extract). I recently got a balayage treatment, which involved bleaching and toning my hair, going into this testing. Chemically, hair coloring damages strands, making hair drier and potentially more brittle, and we chose not to trim it when I got my hair colored, so the bleaching did my ends no favors.

I did not expect to reverse the damage done to my hair by this shampoo and conditioner, or any such products, for that matter. The only way to “repair” split ends is to chop them off, and in the first place, the best way to keep “strong” hair is not to bleach or otherwise chemically harm your hair. My hair is still considered damaged because it has been chemically altered, even though my hair is still relatively healthy (the ends are dry, but they’re not there, by any means). It’s something that no hair product can alter. Some of the obvious signs of damage, though, might be helped by the shampoo or conditioner. I can tell you that the ends are more frayed than the pre-balayage ones and that my hair is not as shiny. Could these products, hypothetically, make my hair look sleeker on the ends and less dry while protecting against further damage? Absolutely. Absolutely!

What is it like to use a beauty feature?

I can say with confidence that I have enjoyed using the products. Despite being sulfate-free (sulfates are cleaning agents that usually cause soaps to sweat up), the shampoo laughs a little and made my hair feel clean without drying it out. This made my hair feel even cleaner than shampoos I used in the past, including the Overprocessed Hair Biolage Advanced Keratindose Shampoo I used before swing.

What is it like to use a beauty feature?
I can say with confidence that I have enjoyed using the products. Despite being sulfate-free (sulfates are cleaning agents that usually cause soaps to sweat up), the shampoo laughs a little and made my hair feel clean without drying it out. This made my hair feel even cleaner than the shampoos I used in the past, including the Overprocessed Hair Biolage Advanced Keratindose Shampoo that I used before switching to FoB. My hair falls six centimeters past my shoulders. I used one-to-two pumps and easily washed my entire head, then used another one-to-two pumps to wash again (I’ve become a rinse-and-repeat-er on the two days a week that I use shampoo) with emphasis on the roots and midstrand section. One the second shampoo, the product lathered even more—maybe because the formula was met with even less resistance as most grime was already rinsed out—and left my hair squeaky clean-feeling.

The conditioner felt lighter and more runny than my usual product, the It’s A 10 Miracle Hair Mask, but because hair masks are usually thicker in consistency, I expected this. I gathered my hair into a ponytail (sans tie) when applying the Beauty Conditioner Function, and ran two conditioner pumps down the length of my hair, concentrating on the ends. It made my hair feel softer immediately, and I was able to brush through my hair without any detangling product when I got out of the shower, although it’s not as snarl-free as with my conditioning mask.

The fragrance is my hands-down favorite aspect of the shampoo and conditioner. The eucalyptus and peppermint oils make my shower smell fresh and minty, but there is also a delicious sweetness. In my hair, the scent doesn’t linger much, but I chose the lightest amount of fragrance, so I’m not surprised.

Does the Beauty Feature do what it claims?

My hair for six weeks before (L) and after (R) using Beauty Function.

As a rule, I wash my hair two to three times a week, and over the past six weeks, I’ve used shampoo and conditioner every time. Let me first say when it comes to explaining if the products work: I don’t know. In providing that long list of checkboxes to be fulfilled at the beginning, Beauty Function set itself up for scrutiny: to deep condition, reinforce, lengthen, protect color, and improve heat damage. Not only that, some of those claims could occur at a microscopic level and may or may not be noticeable to the naked eye, especially “strengthen,” “lengthen,” and “improve heat damage”

That said, my hair was well conditioned and color-protected, I think. My hair feels soft to the touch and as “strong” as it did before I started using Function of Beauty, despite the damage from going blond. The products I used before, the Biolage shampoo and the It’s A 10 mask, had the same effect, but I’m impressed that they can be measured at a lower cost by FoB (together, my original products cost over $50, although there are 5 ounces more in the shampoo bottle). As for my hair color, it was not removed or altered in any way by the Beauty Function, and cleaning with my purple shampoo once a month (or once during this test period) helps to keep the blonde even fresher.

Is this beauty function worth it?

Assuming you get the eight-ounce bottles like I did, for $36 per set, I think this is a good product. I’ve spent almost as much, as you now know, on just one bottle of shampoo or conditioner, putting into perspective how much money I’m willing to spend on my hair. And I have not had the freedom to handpick my goals, fragrance, and color with all of those other expensive products, as I did with Function of Beauty. These added elements make your experience feel more luxurious, and because they are literally designed to do so, they can offer a placebo effect that the products work.

If you are not like me, when you spend on something you efficiently wash down the drain, that amount of cash may seem exorbitant. And if you love the products (and prices) of your drugstore and discover that they work for you, all of this may be moot. Beauty function is not in any way a necessity for great hair, but in the haircare realm it is a fun and different experience.

If you read this because you were looking for a magic bullet, having become dissatisfied with the condition or care of your hair, my recommendation is to turn to your hair stylist before turning to Beauty Function. For product advice, I personally depend on my colorist. I don’t necessarily buy all the particular products she recommends, but I look for the ingredients or even the terms she mentions for marketing. She suggested, for instance, that I look for products that specifically claim to restore damaged hair because they are better at hydration replenishment.

In my mind, the first step to choosing products is to talk to a stylist about your desired hair goals and whether they’re achievable. Then there’s no harm in searching for customized solutions in Function of Beauty once you learn what might work.

Although we saw skincare brands playing for a while with the idea of personalization, haircare hadn’t followed suit. That was until the Beauty Function came along. They’re the custom shampoo and packaging brand that everyone on Instagram is doing for WILD right now – from Zoe Sugg to every valuable ex-Love Islander – but does their products transform your hair? We have chosen to find out.

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Product – Function of Beauty

Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner Function, £29.

The Hypothesis

Thanks to an algorithm produced by a group of MIT engineers and data scientists, Function Of Beauty offers custom haircare solutions for reasonable prices. So, pretty big things. They also use hundreds of ingredients and packaging options to produce thousands of potential combinations, perfect for you and your hair.

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GLAMOUR Tries: For Jess Hunt’s REFY Brow Collection the internet is wild – but is it worth hypeing?


GLAMOUR Tries: For Jess Hunt’s REFY Brow Collection, the internet is wild – but is it worth hype?

My hair is quite oily – I have to wash it every day (or else get tough on a dry shampoo) to avoid a gray slick. However, due to heat styling and repeat scan, the ends of my hair tend to dry out, so I never know which hair product to use. My roots certainly no longer need moisture, but my ends call us for food. Here is the hope that the Beauty function can create a magic formula for both needs…

THE REVISION – Function of Beauty

The process begins on your website, where you complete a short questionnaire on your hair type, hair requirements and hair targets. It’s a really enjoyable process: simply tick whether you have straight, wavelength, curly or cool hair, then whether your scalp moisture is nice, medium or coarse.

Your final guide to the best proven dry shampoos


Your final guide to the best proven dry shampoos

You can then select five hair targets – I had to fix my split ends, volume, control oil and reduce friction. Then the really fun bit is time. You can enter your name or initials and choose the color of your format so that you really can upgrade your #shelfie game. I chose a blue sky shade, but a rainbow of options is available, including a black jet, which looks pretty punky and a dye-free option, if you prefer to keep it simple. You can even choose a silicone-free formula.

Next, the fragrance can be chosen. There is a perfume-free choice, ranging from fruity smells (pear, peach, pineapple) to flowers to cooling eucalyptus. Eucalyptus and lavender are the two most natural sweets of the brand. I choose florals – a blend of white peony and wild flowers – because in choosing a perfume, I always gravitate to them.

Finally, choose the size you want, whether you want to automatically repeat the order every few weeks or months, so you’re never caught off guard.


The delivery takes about a week and next day delivery is impossible – a disappointment when the name of the game is instant gratification – but the wait was worth it. I love the fact that my name has been on my shampoo and conditioner, and the blue color of baby was even more pleasant. The smell was slightly sweeter than I expected, but nevertheless a delightful floral fragrance.

My hair felt healthy, clean and shiny after the first use – the shampoo removed product (the two-day dry shampoo) was easy to build without removing the condition from me, but the conditioner felt rich and luxurious, and immediately restored the moisture. And while my roots looked a little oily the second day, it was far less than usual.

It must be mentioned that the beauty function also sells purple shampoos, a padding, a hair mask, a hair serum and a body washing and lotion duo. Their offer grows by the minute, and we couldn’t be happier

Are you guys afraid of Instagram products/brands that are constantly hyped on? I certainly am, and it happens that beauty function is one of them. So I’m here to pour the tea and compare the three biggest custom hair care companies: Formulate versus Prose versus Beauty.


A short four-stage quiz which allows you to choose your hair type, goals, fragrance and colour.


8 oz shampoo/pack – $29 each
16oz shampoo/packing – $36 each.
8oz/16oz shampoo + packaging – 43 dollars.
8oz shampoo + packaging – $39.
16oz shampoo + packaging combo – $49.
3oz serum hair – $19.
7.oz mask of hair – $19.
8 oz leave-in therapy – $19


Clear plastic bottles printed on them with your name. The shampoo/conditioner comes with optional pumps and all products are decorated with really nice stickers.
Update on 08/05/20: pumps for both my shampoo and conditioner have stopped working without reason, to reflect this problem.


They have five standard sweet to fruity to floral scents plus an extra seasonal fragrance. You can adapt how strong you want the fragrances to be, as the medium level is already pretty strong. There is also the option to go without fragrances. The fragrance applies to all products in your order.


The only personalized hair care brand you can customize the color of the product. There are 7 standard shades, sometimes a seasonal shade and a dye-free option. You can individually customize the colors for the shampoo, packaging and hair mask.

Make your personalized shampoo work

I first tried Beauty when they came out first years ago and were their first kind. In short, I was disappointed by the products, but their customer service was kind enough to reformulate freely, and then even a regular customer I wasn’t working with.

They reached a partnership from last year and I agreed because I tried Prose and Formulate already and wanted to see whether beauty function has improved ever since its early days.

Your hair contest is the simplest of 3 brands: 3 simple questions about your kind of hair and scalp condition and then 5 hair goals:

Consider, you mainly use shampoos to clean up your scalp and roots. You can end up with products too rich by selecting targets that are geared towards your ends such as “deep condition” or “fix split ends,” leaving you with a gray and flat skirt.

Here I prefer a more guided consultation process for Prose and Formulate, since enabling users to select such objectives openly can result in products that do not work.

Now that I’ve found out things, let’s look at the products:

Beauty Shampoo Function + Conditioner
This time I really enjoyed the shampoo with my goals set correctly. The texture is creamy but well rinsed and lathered. My hair is then knotted a bit, and I apply the conditioner close to the roots.

Before you freak out, remember my formula focuses primarily on my scalp and the roots. The instructions also applied to the scalp and I found that the use of a half pump contributed to the balance of oil production and growth over the longer term!

Once my roots have been dried, they feel fresh and balanced. My color has remained fresh for longer as this is one of the goals I have chosen. The results remind me a lot of the Formulate shampoo, but I prefer the beauty function experience because I sucker up fun colors and aromas.

I can also see that the shampoo and conditioner work better together if I use the shampoo alone, my scalp feels a little drier and oils faster. So the Formula shampoo is better in that sense because it does all with only one product versus two.


Several users have reviewed increased hair loss with continuous use of FoB products. I have not experienced this personally but it is definitely possible to use a formula that does not work with your type of scalp. This is why it is so important to get the formula right!

I won’t count this against their products, but before you order them, this is something you should know about.

Beauty Hair Mask Function

As for my purposes, my custom hair mask function takes care of them. It’s significantly richer than the conditioner but not sufficient to weigh my strands. The formula is created with the same test results as the shampoo + conditioner, but eliminates scalp/root targets and concentrates on fueling your ends.

This was an extra-average hair mask because it made my hair more soft and smoother, but not as much as other treatments I tried in the shower. I think the results could have been better if we could select separate goals for the mask.

Beauty Hair Serum Function

My favorite brand product! A single pump on dry hair smoothes my flyways instantly and adds serious shine to my strands without weighting them down. Plus the delicious smell lingers, but in a subtle way that could be a whiff if you’re hugging or standing near.

Final Judgment

8.5/10 October
Unbelievers Unbelievers
9/10 9/10
9/10 10.
8/10 8/10

Looking at all, I would say that the Beauty Function offers the best overall product value and selection. I can see why they’re a social media favorite with their super cute packaging. Yet their short and open hair consultation can lead users to create a formula that doesn’t work and why I first had a bad experience with them.

Once you understand, however, I think your shampoo + conditioner is good and definitely a pleasure to use! Make sure you also add it to the serum, that the star of the entire line is for me!


Get a Beauty subscription feature starting at $36

Where can I find the latest Beauty Promo Code and Discount Code feature?

Find all the best discounts, promo codes and deals for Function of Beauty right here. If these unmissable deals, save big on your next hair care order – whether that’s free delivery offers, seasonal sales, and exclusive discount codes you won’t find anywhere else.

Does Function of Beauty offer a first order discount?

Yes – if you’re new to the Function of Beauty game, try a variety of products to find out what products work by signing up to their mailing list for a little less. Just entering your email address will unlock 10% of your first order.

How does the Beauty Function subscription plan work?

Become a Function Plus member to get ongoing deliveries of your favorite personalized formulas on the delivery schedule of your choice. Whether it’s 2, 3 or 6 months every month. This means that you never run out of your new favorite products for hair care. From free shipping, access to exclusive and previous limited-edition colors and fragrances, invitations to help test new products, and more, you also get exclusive benefits!

Do beauty tests function on animals?

No – all Beauty Function products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free! They are committed to creating products that, wherever possible, use only safe, natural ingredients and are constantly looking for new and environmentally-friendly ingredients. All of their products are free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, and gluten, among many other ingredients.

What is the return policy at Beauty Function?

In order to return products, you have 30 days. If, with a free, one-time reformulation, Function of Beauty can not address your concerns, they can process a full refund within 30 days.

How does the Beauty Function subscription plan work?

This subscription is referred to as Function Plus. The delivery schedule of your choice (1, 2, 3, or 6 months) allows you to receive ongoing deliveries of your favorite customized formulas as a Function Plus member. You can also enjoy exclusive benefits such as free shipping, access to exclusive and limited-edition colors, fragrances, invitations to help test-drive new products, and more.

What are Function of Beauty’s best coupons?

20% Off First Subscription Purchase – Get Promo Code
10% Off New Customer’s First Hair Set Conditioner and Shampoo – Get Promo Code

Does function of beauty have free shipping?

In the same way, Beauty Feature has a limited number of items, and a similarly limited number of shipping options are available. If you have signed up for a subscription, the company ships orders for $5, in which case the delivery on all orders is free.

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