The Function of Beauty Reviews

My Review!

Are you skeptical of merchandise that is heavily promoted on Instagram? I most certainly am, and Function of Beauty happens to be one of them. There have been many function of beauty reviews but I had to try it out for myself.

What is the Purpose of Beauty?

On this globe, there are 8 billion of you, each with your unique hair,  skin, mood, style, and tastes. So, we’re assuming you all like to treat & care about your skin, hair, and body in the very same manner. That felt strange to us as well.

Consider us crazy, however, we believe that pleasing every one of those unique individuals requires well over one or two formulas. That’s when we enter the picture.

We’re getting rid of old ideas and products—things that scent the same, look the very same, and thus are created for much the same folks with much the same purposes.

You get to choose whatever goes in your mixture (or doesn’t) and whatever you get out of this with Function of Beauty. Nobody knows whatever you require better than you?

The packaging

Your name will be imprinted on clear plastic bottles. Optional pumps come with the shampoo/conditioner, and all stuff comes with super cute stickers to customize with.


There are five normal smells to choose from, spanning from pleasant to fruity to flowery, as well as a seasonal scent. You may choose how strong the perfumes are, with the medium setting being quite powerful already, in my opinion. You can also select for a fragrance-free option. The aroma would be present in all of the items in your order.


The only bespoke hair care line that changes the colour of the product. There are seven normal colours, as well as a seasonal shade and a dye-free variant. Colors for shampoo,  hair mask, and conditioner and can all be customised separately.

Getting your personal shampoo to work

Years ago, when they originally came out and became the first of their kind, I tried Function of Beauty. In summary, I was dissatisfied with the items, but the customer support was gracious enough to reformulate everything free of charge, despite the fact that I’m not even a client at the time.

They approached me for a partnership last year, and I agreed because I’d previously tried Prose and Formulate, and I want to see whether Function of Beauty had changed from its early days.

The hair quiz is the most straightforward of the three brands: They ask you three straightforward questions regarding your hair type & scalp health before allowing you to choose from five different hair goals:

Consider this: you’re using shampoo to cleanse your head and roots. If you choose goals for your ends like “deep condition” or “repair split ends,” you may up up with overly rich products that leave your scalp greasy and flat.

This is where I favor Prose and Formulate’s more guided consulting process, because allowing consumers to freely choose goals can lead to products that don’t work.

Let’s have a look at the products now that I’ve figured everything out:

Beauty Shampoo + Conditioner’s Purpose

I’ve had a lot of fun with the shampoo this time since I set my goals right. It has a creamy texture, but it lathers and rinses effectively. When I use the conditioner around the roots, my hair feels a little knotted afterwards.

Before you freak out, keep in mind that my entire regimen concentrates on my roots and scalp including the conditioner. The directions also recommended to introduce to the scalp down, and I’ve noticed that half a pump has helps to balance production of oil and enhanced growth over time!

My roots look refreshed and healthy after drying. As it was one of the objectives I chose, my colour has also kept fresher for longer. The results are similar to Formulate shampoo, and I like the Function of Beauty experience since I’m a sucker for bright colours and aromas.

I also found that using the shampoo and conditioner together is preferable; if I use this shampoo individually, my scalp seems drier and actually becomes oilier faster. In that respect, the Formula shampoo is superior because it contains only one substance rather than two.

Does FoB Cause Hair Loss?

Other customers have reported witnessing increased hair loss as a result of using FoB products on a daily basis. Personally, I haven’t had this problem, but it is probable if you employ a recipe that doesn’t work for your hair type. This is why it’s so crucial to get the formula correct!

I won’t hold that against their items, but it’s something to be informed of before placing an order with them.

Beauty Hair Mask’s Purpose

My customised Function of Beauty hair mask wants to take care of my ends. It has a richer texture than the conditioner, although not to the point of weighing down my strands. The formula is based on the same questionnaire findings as the shampoo and conditioner, but it eliminates all scalp and root aims in favor of feeding your ends.

This was an earlier in this thread hair mask in terms of smoothing and softening my hair, although not as much as some in treatments I’ve done. I believe the outcomes would have been better if we had been able to choose different goals for the mask.

Beauty Hair Serum’s Purpose

My personal fave from the company! On dry hair, a single pump immediately smooths flyaways and gives substantial shine to my tresses without weighing them down. Plus, the delectable scent stays, but only in a slight way, and you might get such a whiff if they embrace you or stand particularly near to you.

I’ve actually used it on damp hair instead of my regular hair oil, and it moisturised and softened my hair beautifully. Another little bottle will do everything for individuals who may not want to use a million different hair products.

Beauty’s Function vs. Prose vs. Formulate

Because I briefly evaluated the brands in my Formulate review, this comparison will focus mostly on the things they offer:


Shampoo met all of my criteria: scalp balance, volume, and colour maintenance.

Conditioner was awful; it made my hair even dry.

There are no hair masks available.

There is no option for a leave-in treatment.

When ordering things individually, it has the best prices.


The shampoo provided my hair a lot of volume, however it made my scalp feel tiny bit tight at first. Long-term use resulted in scalp balancing effects. They’re the only company that has a silicone-free formula.

In comparison to several other typical conditioners, this one was ordinary, and it wasn’t nutritious enough to be used for my dry hair.

Each time I used a customised pre-shampoo mask, my hair was so silky that it felt like I was using Olaplex!

I have not yet tried the hair oil or leave-in treatment that it offers.

Function of Beauty

Shampoo works the best when used with conditioner, and the results are comparable to Formulate’s. My scalp is much more liable to unbalance when used alone.

Whenever used on the roots, my conditioner is fantastic, but if used on the ends, it’s just okay.

My ends were moisturised by the hair mask, but I preferred the benefits from my regular hair masks.

Hair serum gives my delicate hair a lot of shine without weighing it down. I haven’t tried the leave-in conditioner yet.

When ordering sets, has the greatest prices, and hair masks/treatments are substantially less expensive than Prose.

The Final Word

After considering everything, I believe Function of Beauty provides the best overall value and product selection. I can see that they’re a social media darling because of their incredibly adorable packaging. However, because of the short and open hair consultations, customers may create a formula that simply does not work, which is my experience the first time was poor with them.

However, if you have a clear knowledge, I think their shampoo and conditioner combination is lovely and a joy to use! Make sure to include the serum, which would be the superstar of the line in my opinion!

Is it worthwhile to invest in custom formulas?

Because of my fussy scalp needs, I prefer bespoke shampoos to standard shampoos after trying all three products. I’ll either repurchase the Formulate shampoo or purchase the huge Function of Beauty shampoo along with the tiny conditioner in the future.

Customized conditioners, hair mask, and leave-in remedies aren’t preferable to store-bought alternatives, in my opinion. I’ll probably stay with my existing Amika and Sachajuan hair masks, but I’ll ultimately repurchase the Function of Beauty hair serum since I adore the shine it adds.

Custom formulae are a fantastic option if you have specific hair requirements that you don’t think ordinary products can address. Otherwise, unless you already have items that you enjoy and that works for you, I recommend sticking with them.

Reasons to keep your shampoo and conditioner for cosmetic purposes only

Haircare companies are expanding their product ranges with overpriced, overcomplicated items that your hair doesn’t require. We’re upping the ante (because your tresses deserve it!).

Each product is one-of-a-kind, just like you.

We do things differently than huge beauty companies: we ask you about your specific points and hair objectives, and then we design and create products specifically for you!

Less synthetic, more natural

With over 50 natural ingredients collected from around the world, our formulas are as natural as they can be, and we avoid potentially dangerous or toxic chemicals like sulphates (includes SLS & SLES), phthalates, parabens, oxybenzone, mineral oils, and many others.

Friendly to Animals

Our goods are brutality-free  (no testing on animals is ever done), vegan, and just never contain any animal-derived ingredients. We also make certain that all of the suppliers adhere to the very same high standards.

It’s Your Call

You have complete control over the colour (7 stunning options or dye-free), smell (6 fantastic options or fragrance-free), as well as the title you want on your bottle!

Make Your Own Formula

Hair that is guaranteed to be happy

If anything was not quite right for you, simply let’s all know between 30 days and then we’ll either revise it or refund your money. It’s uncommon for individuals to be unhappy, and even more uncommon for us to be unable to set things right.

American-Made Products Should Be Supported

We were born and bred in the United States, and while our headquarters are in New York City, we’ve invested heavily in a state-of-the-art manufacturing factory in rural Pennsylvania, which is bringing many jobs to small towns across the country. Every bottle is proudly made in the United States.

You’ll never be without shampoo or conditioner again.

You could get automatic deliveries frequently as you want with our free shipping membership. You may always change the formulation, delivery frequency, or the next shipping date to guarantee you receive it when you need it.

The World’s Smartest Beauty Company

Our AI-driven algorithm and customised manufacturing took years of research and innovation from world-class MIT data scientists and engineers  – our one-of-a-kind production line is so exact that we pick from hundreds of components at precise dosages to construct your perfect blend.

We have a lot of fans.

Our verified clients have given us over 30,000 five-star reviews, with an average review rating of 4.8 out of 5.

What’s the best way to finish the hair quiz?

How do I figure out what sort of hair I have?

The numerous types of hair are classified as follows:

Hair strands are usually straight, with no bends or curls. Type 1 hair.

Wavy hair is characterised by a little bend or wave pattern that falls midway among straight and curly. Type 2 hair.

Curly hair is defined by a distinct curl, S-shaped pattern, or loopy pattern. It’s prone to frizz and dryness. Type 3 hair.

Curly hair has tighter curls than coily hair, which has a spiral or zig-zag pattern. Hair is sometimes referred to as “kinky” or “textured.” Type 4 hair.

How do I choose the structure of my hair?

Hair structure refers to the thickness of the each individual strand rather than the quantity of hair strands.

An individual strand is finer than a single strand of sewing thread. You won’t feel anything if you pull a piece of hair between your fingers.

A single strand of medium density is about the same thickness as a sewing thread. You could sense the hair if you put a strand between your fingertips.

A single strand of coarse yarn is thicker than a single strand of sewing thread. You can feel a strong, thick strand of hair between your fingers if you take a piece of hair between your fingers.

How can I chose the right amount of moisture for my scalp?

The amount of moisture/oil on your scalp is as follows:

It’s possible that your scalp is dry or flaky. You wash every 3-4 days on average.

Normal: A day after washing your hair, your scalp looks about the same.

You feel the urge to clean your hair every day if your hair is oily.

What kind of scents are there?

Although fragrances are highly subjective, we like to believe we can do that for everyone.

Signature scents include:

 mandarin, peach nectar, lemon zest, and jasmine are the top notes in this nude (p)each.

Cutting up fresh, luscious peaches on a warm summer day comes to mind.

Top Notes: Pear, sweet musk, apple,  florals in a delicate way.

Biting into a luscious pear on a cool fall day comes to mind.

Rose, black currant, sandalwood, and orange flower are among the top notes in this fragrance.

Reminds us about: A fresh, modern rose scent with a twist.

Eucalyptus, mint, lavender, and rosemary are the top notes in all (you)calyptus.

It reminded us of: a thrilling journey through the foggy mountain peaks.

fragrance-free: This is a fantastic alternative for people who are allergic to certain scents.

Limited-edition scents:

Mango, grapefruit, and sandalwood are the top notes in this (m)ango.

It reminds us of slicing into a juicy mango, oozing with juice and bathed in the sun.

Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Bergamot are the top notes of real l(o)vender.

Reminds us of: After a hot shower, lounging in your clean sheets.

Shea butter and vanilla are the top notes in milk(shea)ke.

Indulging in a luscious, creamy dessert comes to mind (subscriber only).

Cherry blossoms, jasmine, amber, and lilies are among the top notes in this fragrance.

It reminds us of a beautiful springtime stroll when everything is in full bloom (subscriber only).

Top notes: Ethereal glow champagne with touches of sweet orange peel oil and grapefruit oil.

It reminded us of the countdown to midnight, which is brimming with exuberant anticipation. (Only for subscribers)

What’s the best way to finish the body quiz?

How can I choose the right amount of moisture for my skin?

The varying levels of skin wetness are defined as follows:

Smooth and moisturized skin: Your skin feels balanced.

Your skin may feel tight and scratchy if it is dry.

Very Dry: Your skin appears dull and flaky, with the possibility of scaling.

What services do you provide?

We have body wash and body moisturizer that you can customise to your skin’s moisture level and cosmetic preferences. Please read the links below for further information on the specific goods.

  • soap for the body
  • Lotion for the skin

What is the difference between function and benefits?

Our subscription loyalty programme, function of advantages, gives you rewards like 10% off for every order and free delivery on every refill! As a ‘FWB,’ you receive the best of both worlds: additional benefits and attention, as well as the freedom to accept and own your objectives and changes.

Is a subscription required to be a part of function with benefits?

It’s simple to join a function with advantages. If you’re a:

A new customer: When you subscribe to any beauty product function, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the function with benefits, and you’ll be able to start earning your benefits on your first order.

If you’re already a member, simply sign up to join function with benefits to get even more exclusive bonuses and perks on your current subscription. Here is where you may sign up and join.

What exactly does “clean components” imply?

Three core principles keep us on the straight and narrow:

We have a lengthy to-do list

All of our compositions adhere to the European Union’s safe cosmetics laws (banning over 1400 ingredients, vs only 11 by the FDA). We monitor our ingredients on a regular basis to ensure that they meet the highest standards.

Furthermore, every new ingredient is extensively checked versus 26 checklist items by three distinct departments. This checks for a variety of environmental and health risks. The components that make the cut are next tested in formulation with each other to ensure that they’re safe when mixed together and to protect our factory’s long-term health.

We’re picky when it comes to our ingredients

Only chemicals that genuinely help you accomplish your hair goals and give effectiveness without compromising the safety are used by us. That’s why we include organic and lab-made components in our formulations; we know that what’s natural isn’t necessarily the safest or most effective, and that what’s lab-made isn’t always harmful or toxic.

It’s all clean, regardless matter how you alter it:

Colors: we have a wide range of colors.

Should I Get the #hairgoal booster shots?

Not really, but if you get more, the merrier it would be. You

do have the option to purchase 1, 2 and 3 but more than that is not necessary

as they will not even get mixed properly.



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