Eye Gloss – Get Your Hands On The Best Ones

Very far from being a ‘Flash in the Pan’ teenage beauty crush, eye gloss is an easy peasy makeup trend that grown women can get on board with.

In these filtered, contoured, Kardashian-crazed times, you might usually equate a sticky eyelid with some kind of conjunctivitis style infection. But I assure you, glossy eyes are a thing. They may be the lowest effort but the highest impact look in beauty. You’re losing a lot of fun if you’re still too dabble in a shiny eye, plus there’s something about a gleamy lid that makes you look glowing and safe but doesn’t require heavyweight highlighting or any shadow blending ability on your part. There’s an eye gloss look for day, night, weekend, weddings, whether colored or clear… practically every occasion is suitable for light-reflective lids. Even a simple, mirror-free smoosh on the go will have onlookers thinking you’re an expert. Not that we’re saying you don’t, but everyone loves a fabulous shortcut.

Get the eye gloss (Y EYE)

You’re obviously going to need the starter tools. If you’re unwilling to throw money at a customized eye gloss, a lip gloss will work just as well. Many makeup artists rate MAC Clear Lipglass, £ 15.50, as well as a long-wearing lid gloss.

From there, for a vinyl effect, either apply alone, blend with your ring finger, or apply over a colored cream shadow. To diffuse gloss around the edges of the lid, you can use a thin, flat synthetic eyeshadow brush. If you want to add some description, follow the smokey lead of the Tom Ford makeup artist Francesco Fabiano:

Smudge through the lash line with a kohl pencil, then apply an eye gloss over the top and blend. Add mascara and you will immediately get a sort of rock star-Esque, “morning after the night before” eye makeup effect.

In Fabiano’s books, there’s just one glossy no-go:

“It can be tricky in real life to wear eye gloss over powder shadow. In pictures, it can look really stunning and intense, but it can be a little messy and impractical as the color moves around a lot, and lids can sometimes stick together.

Francesco Fabiano

Worried about migrating and creasing the gloss? Hey. Don’t be. It will occur. Only go for it. Heed glossy eye specialist, expert Katie Jane Hughes on this one:

Guess what… creases with eye gloss! How can I stop my eye gloss from creasing? I get the’ ‘All the time, you ask, and the answer is pretty simple—you can’t. That is what makes eye gloss distinctive and distinct. Often starting in the center of the lid when applying and work your way around the lid, so it will travel during the day. Only run your ring finger over the lid in order to shift it back into place or smooth out any creases.

The Finest Eye Glosses

Just a head up: at first, eye gloss can sound funny. If you’re not used to it, it can be a little weighty and sticky, but the initial cling-film feeling disappears and you’ll soon be so entranced by a glistening lid that you don’t give monkeys. Plus, eye gloss is a godsend compared to attempting to nail a liquid liner flick or red lip outline pre-work. Basically, it’s your invitation to press the snooze button to make it predictable. I’m sure you’ll agree that we’re particularly appreciated as we head into winter.

The Posh Eye Gloss

The high-end highway to sparkling lids is one of Katie’s eye gloss go- to’s, Kevyn Aucoin Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss, £30.50. Each gloss has a bit of spangle to complement the sheen, available in psychedelic monochrome tones (choose from the space-age sounding Cosmos, Cosmic, and Moonlight).

The High Street Eye Gloss

NYX Lid Lacquer, £ 6, is technically a “fixant” eyeshadow, but I will wear it as an all-over gloss on a bare lid, or for instant “woke” allure, dot a little in the middle of the lid.

The Colored Eye Gloss

With a sponge-tipped applicator, 3ina The Eye Gloss, for £ 11.65, you don’t even need to get your hands dirty. It dispenses just the right amount of eye goo at a time (glam). It is particularly glorious with the burgundy toned 503.

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The Mermaid One

Iridescent pastel eyes coming up- London GlazenTM Eye Gloss butter, £ 15, is slightly more on the spectrum’s cream shadow end, so try this if you really can’t get on board with the eye gloss feel. Shade-wise, it is a galore of rose gold, mermaids, and unicorn hues.

The Backstage One

For a good few seasons now, this little unassuming black lidded pot has been doing the rounds backstage. MAC Studio Eye Gloss, £16.50, has a slightly glittery texture and offers a color wash that sticks around transparently. Speaking of sticking, it’s pretty… sticky… but that’s what gives it guts again.

The Gel One

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Gloss Smudger, £ 19, ticks the levity box while still producing a perfectly reflective shine if you’re after something a little lighter. This is probably your best bet in that department, too, if you want to blur out your usual eyeshadow at the edges.

The Glossier One

Katie uses the Glossier Haloscope, £ 18, over lids for a moment, straight from the bullet glow over the eyes, theoretically a highlight. Hey, Dew it.

The Sold Out One

At the end of the beautiful rainbow, essentially a pot of gold, you’d have to be a magical leprechaun at this stage to get your hands on Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder Aura Gloss, £ 30. It’s sold out, but if you pull off a makeup buying coup, it doubles as a gilded highlighter and all-around glow-giver to make it all the more worthwhile for your perseverance.

The Natural One

Jillian Dempsey Lid Tints has won cult status over the pond for £ 24.50, and Katie’s Instagram is saturated with the artistry of Lid Tint. Its attraction lies in its wide variety of colors, organic ingredients, and a combination of finishes. Hollywood makeup artist Jillian has become the apple of the glossy eye universe with these dainty compacts, ranging from shiny peach to transparent lilac and a smokey eye highlighting glimmery blue-black. Want, want.

Pretty helpful, right? Well, here’s a last tip for you: pair any of the above looks with a perfect monolid makeup to stand out!



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